This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams

This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams
Hahahaha I can kick some major butt
Hope is never lost, but we must find it.
Faith is believing in something you can not see
Love is an emotion that helps and hurts
Spirit is what keeps us going
Dreams are what feed our minds

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Thanks for reading!!!!!!! FREE HUGS

im back agaian!!!!!! yah!!!!1 ok so hi. im still with Jordan and that makes my entire life that much better!!!!!!!!!!! ok... i had this really creepy dream last night. i was flying like i usaully do nowadays, but as i came out into this big open feild i saw a guy that kinda reminded me of Fang off of Maximum Ride (by the way i got the new book the day it came out YAH FOR MAX AND FANG) and i tried to catch up with him, but i couldn't. that's not really that wierd, just one of those dreams, but then my wings were gone. i was free falling. it felt like hours, but when i hit the ground it felt like my entire body was on fire. no doubt i had just smahed my back. then i saw all the blood. it was sooooooooo GROSE!!! so i started to cry and everything, but then Jordan was standing over me. he didn't try to help me or anything, but the his face changed amd i guess you know who's face it turned into.... i woke up on my floor and i wsa tangled up in my blankets. then i just cried all night. i didn't want to fall asleep. i am soooooo tired now. these gifts are more like curses.

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Shadow said...

flying is fun in dreams, at least for me.