This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams

This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams
Hahahaha I can kick some major butt
Hope is never lost, but we must find it.
Faith is believing in something you can not see
Love is an emotion that helps and hurts
Spirit is what keeps us going
Dreams are what feed our minds

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jess and No Longer Loving People

Hi... i don't really like you Jess.... that would be a little weird. Ok so what have you guys been up to... i really want peolpe to go green so if you could help spread the word...... ok? PLEASE???

well, i don't really have much to say about girly stuff, but some of our cheerleaders have waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to much drama. Hey, maybe the two of you should hookmup if you feel that way. I have friends that have done that. No offense Jess, but guys can be such jerks!!!!!!! well, some anyways. ok when i get nervous i blush and my face turns bright red!!!!!!!! it is so horrible.... if anyone has anything they want to talk about go ahead and ype it. i don't really have anything else to do......


Sonar said...

soooooo..... are you bored too?

and did you check out my new blog.... the environment one?
if you want i can make you an author of it

Jess said...

ya i know i was just joking but i did blush cause you giggled and No longer loving people rarely giggles.