This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams

This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams
Hahahaha I can kick some major butt
Hope is never lost, but we must find it.
Faith is believing in something you can not see
Love is an emotion that helps and hurts
Spirit is what keeps us going
Dreams are what feed our minds

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

How are these pics for ya? well, i like them... they make me think about my dark vs. light mood that i've unfortunatly put myself in.


Cruz said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, it was so strange because i follow your blog(this one) anonymously, so i already knew who you were. so i was wondering was haweye going to post again? did you delete your other blogs? i like your new blog, i don't have any "great" love stories so i've got nothing to add, my exes were pretty boring, but the blog idea is original. i know you like lord of the rings and there's this guy "gandolf" who's always quoting it or making references, he's funny, i don't follow his blog, but he comments on Save The World blog, you should check out his blog. wow, i didn't expect for this comment to be that long, sorry.


SilverTip said...

its ok... i like to read and comments are great... idk about hawkeye, he never can finish anything (giggle) don't tell him i said that...