This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams

This is ME when Im ANGRY and Powerful in my dreams
Hahahaha I can kick some major butt
Hope is never lost, but we must find it.
Faith is believing in something you can not see
Love is an emotion that helps and hurts
Spirit is what keeps us going
Dreams are what feed our minds

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Monday, November 10, 2008


i believe in many things now... Many creatures do exist that humans don't realize. why don't we see them? well, its because we are too caught up in life to smell the roses (get the Pics) and people don't look for them... well..... some anyways. if they want you to see them they will show you... (Greg says hi...) I ddon't know why people don't realize what we are doing to the earth around us. not only are we killing ourselves, but the fantasy creatures we fear and love are going to die with us. we must find who we are on the inside and help eachother. there are things that go bump in the night. there are fairies that hide in the flowers and bushes of gardens, and so much more.

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Field of Fire said...

Thanx Silvertip, I think tomorrow when I get the time (since I cant go out right now becuase I have homework AND its really late.) but maybe MAYBE I'll sneak out tonight and search.


PS great blog